"Mudhouse": Crozet's version

The Crozet's version of the Mudhouse caught my eye as a well balanced calm building. I liked how their iconic color choices blend so well with the brickwork of the Crozet coffeehouse. Every time I've been in the Crozet area and have seen the building I've set my mind to come back and paint it. Now, I finally got it together enough to do a canvas of it. It fits my style of work very very well, I sized it up, got into working the colors and wouldn't you know I came out with this painting of "the Crozets' Mudhouse" Its of a moderate size canvas and the drawing of the Mudhouse fit the canvas size well enough that I felt good with the first rendering of it with brown umber. I took more time in blending the colors I wanted, I was much more selective about it that I normally have been and I think I ought to continue on this way of blending the paint on a fresh paper pallet rather than working it from my loaded one. The loaded pallet is good for blending new colors and working a wide variety of color in creation but sometimes one needs to just blend a whole lot of one color. On a loaded pallet this is difficult, so a disposable pallet this is possible and that is how I work it. So I sometimes have two pallets going at the same time. But this painting looks good to me, I enjoyed working the clouds out. I had fun with it first, then got into refining them to be what they are. This is a new manner of working with the sky, and I think its good and worthwhile continuing on this pathway.


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