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Belmont Summer w/ Oils

It happened in the Belmont Triangle that I picked up my brush and began this painting; only it was a week later on when I decided it was done.

"The Monk Awaits Us"

This is one done of a nightspot that is quite favored by our townfolk and students's called "The Local". It's a restaurant in our little section of town called
Belmont and it is a spot that is trying to serve good quality food at affordable prices
to "the local" people of Belmont and beyond. I titled this painting of that nightspot
"The Monk Awaits Us" as you should be able to make out the Dominican Friar leaning
against the railing near the front entrance.


What Me Worry? It's Summer Afterall!

Agora Art Gallery - Exhibition Opening Reception Photos 05/13/2010

Agora Art Gallery - Exhibition Opening Reception Photos 05/13/2010
This is a gallery in London where they have allowed me the room to exhibit my work on their website and I have a link to it on my own website. I find it to be a very open gallery to new artist and one need not be a "finished artist" or an overly experienced artist to show ones' work on their site. I think they have a good representation of art that comes from the artist heart in this show that I have linked up with here. Have a look, it takes a few minutes to view it but it's enjoyable if one has the time.

Photos and Editing After A Night of Shooting

The days are long, the night is cool: an excellent time for photography and I got to it this past weekend. I like the new way of editing photos with software such as Picasa 3 that I only plug because I am using that in doing these photos. I went to the sepia-tone in some of these night photos. We who take photos (which seems to be most everyone thesedays) can take night photos if you can change your ISO to a higher number, the higher the number the higher the amount of light that will register in your camera's sensors. So night photos are now able to be done quite readily due to the amazing speeds that ISO can go to now with the advent of digital photography. It's just amazing to me and so I have been trying it out with good results. Then I tinker with the image changing it to a sepia-tone and sometimes giving it higher color plus adding a grain texture...truly something else.