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My Tokyo Experience and The Painting of It

The New One is out. My newest paintings are of trees in an imaginary landscape. Tomorrow, I am able to take a couple of our guys out to a painting workshop on landscape painting, so let's see where that goes and takes my thoughts on "how to do it". But this one of Tokyo is from another of my dad's many photos from the 50's when I was but a young one, in this photo the downtown area we were in was very noisy and polluted while all the vehicles drove down the streets. One can see the three wheeled trucks ambling by while the trucks wait the changing of the light. It's all quite busy and bustling, much the modern city when one might consider that they are less then ten years out of a major War by these same people against us. As a young boy, those people that I met were all very wonderful to me and all of my family members (two) who were their for the six years we spent in Kamahura and Japan as a whole. It was actually very surprising to me and made a…

VAIA Opens a Gallery on the Downtown Mall

The art openingat VAIA otherwise known at this time as Virginia Artist in Action which is a non-profit organization of local artist has had it's first opening in it's new gallery space on the downtown mall. Even with all the construction of rebricking the mall, the people found us this past Friday night. We had over two hundred guest drop in on us on that night at least that seemed to be the count by our very scientific estimates. Ha!
It's always nice to talk to people about my current work. I enjoy seeing and hearing what people think about my paintings. Most just enjoy the hard bright intense color I use in my canvases. That's ok with me. I enjoy it too or I wouldn't have made them that colorful.
Many more enjoyable times to come I feel. In March I will be the featured artist in the gallery. I will have my newer work I've been doing on the photographs my father took while we lived in Kamahura, Japan in the fifties. So a book about those …