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looking Ahead to Post High Graduation 09

It's been a good weekend.   Since I was quite sick Friday and Saturday both Sunday and today have been really enjoyable in that I've been feeling much better and doing a lot more.   I reworked an old painting and then I prepared another painting for a collaborative effort that we will do this week at school.   I will have the help of an Afghanistan refuge who is interested in what I do.   We've made a few canvases together on the theme of 'kites' and this is another one, but its more developed than the previous ones.   I'm looking forward to going to work and finishing it with him this week.      We also have graduation at our school branch this week.   A real thrill to be sure.  A young man will be graduating who I have worked with for the past eight years.   As a graduation present I am giving him and his mom a painting of Post High which is the painting I reworked this weekend to give it a special touch.   I'm hoping he will remember his time here whenev…

12-1 Cavaliers vs Duke

Mann I could believe the way those baseball boys of summer played ball today at Davenport Stadium here in Charlottesville. They were excellent to say the very least about them.
I sat with a friend who was nice enough to remind me that there were going to be games this weekend, and that they would miss me if I chose to do other things. Well after a minutes thought, I went. It was impressively incredible to watch the athletic abilities of these young men perform against another ACC rival which was Duke. They blew it wide open in the seventh with a grand slam homerun by Jarrett Parker who by doing so improved his RBI to 53 for the season so far. It ended with Duke (who was proving itself to be a good opponent with a win two days before and only loosing by one run in close one the day before) loosing it 12-1.
This is a young team, and I'm looking for a lot more to come next year. Today they retired three jerseys and said goodbye to three outstanding players who will no do…