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Working in the Art of Painting

Working on paintings can be exhausting but rewarding if one likes the progress one makes in a day's work. Yesterday's work was good. I finished one complete painting in two and a half hours out in the streets and then touching up the loose ends for about another half hours at home. I am not looking for perfection however I am looking for good quality so I am not pushing myself to just produce new paintings but to produce fully developed paintings which atmosphere, use of light and content relevant to this area of the city.
This part of town is in a Renaissance of sorts, since many of the older buildings have gone through a rebuilding phase and the installation of new businesses once they are done and renewed. The good thing is in the renewal no established members of the community have been displaced by it. These rebuilt stores are very scenic and colorful additions to the "downtown Belmont" area cityscape which in turn pulls me like a moth to an open fl…

Plan'e Air Painting

This summer has been cool so far, but today was my first time in a while where I was outside drawing and I felt like it was time to quit because I was too hot. So it's finally hot, I continued anyway and got a nice drawing of Locol and a new shop beside it that has yet to open. I posted it. I am thankful to have made the acquaintance of a graduate of Chicago Art Institute at the Virgina Artist in Action Gallery. He's retired and lives just south of here in Nelson County. His name is David Golden Jr. and he and I talked. He was good enough to remind me of a few steps in painting that I had forgone for the sake of "getting it done and getting right to it", but they are important steps that a painter shouldn't overlook. I have been. So I made note of them and now am incorporating them into my painting routine. It's working out well. One important one is to make a preliminary sketch before committing to painting a canvas. This has been a big he…

"Spudnuts" the work of art to come

Painting the favorite spot for a nasty but groovie breakfast that only C'viller's could enjoy, that being "Spudnuts", everyone who simply walks by it's doors is taken in by it's trademark donuts. I was able to stand outside if it this and yesterday morning painting while people stopped to see how I was doing, they all talked about "how good they are", and everyone I talked to had already had their morning "fix" (if you will) of their potato flour donuts. It truly is a joy to be working on memorializing their building once again with a work of art. I really like the place and the people who have been frequenting it for years, lifetimes and those who have just discovered it. And, it's a fun building to paint with it's huge signs and open windows to see into the shop.
I am working on a small canvas right now, but I will post the preliminary drawing which I did yesterday. Enjoy a food that is just not redeeming in anyway…

Sketching to Prepare for What's to Come

A new summer to live through is just the beginning but I have the very best feeling for the promise of my art this summer. Although I am not painting right now, I am doing art. I've discovered that doing some preliminary drawings before committing to a canvas is the way I'm going to start this summer's art season. I am taking my drawing book along on my daily journeys, and it's paying off big time. I know as long as I don't wait too long I will benefit from taking a good look at buildings and such that I might be painting before I do them in oils. A study is a time when one draws or works in charcoal before painting and it's also a time to take a closer, and more in depth look at subjects or in this case buildings and cityscape's. It's quick... and I can step back and then go further into them...I can take them home and work on shading or crosshatching and such techniques before they are "done". It works quite well right now be…

Ryan's Passing

With the passing of a good student of mine in a rather sudden and unexpected manner, my life is on a pause cycle for the moment. I'm assessing the life I have and I see where the gifts are and how the gifts are ongoing in this process of what we call Recovery. I'm not sure how or why but life does go on no matter what, and we are only a small part of a group of people with whom we interact. Life does continue with us or without. But the people we touch do take the time to remember us if we and when we leave them. This I know. So it is that I remember a student I had named Ryan. I will occasionally stop and think well of he and I.
People live, people die and people move on, but while we are here we can try to make a good impact on our friends, fellow travelers, students and co-workers, I think I enjoy letting on what has worked best for me in life's activities with my students perhaps best of all. But it comes in as a close second to making a painting onsite an…