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It was a warm morning, the day began with an impressive sunrise only to be continued with a terrific time in school
When we went out to clean up our adopted street, I wasn't sure if we could even make a dent. But today, the day after a bus driver said she couldn't see even a spot of trash on the street of ours.
And after that morning chore, we went to work at a local golf course. While on the greens we got a really nice cool breeze from a passing storm. Although the storm looked impressive there was no sound of thunder or flash from lighting. All the employees from the golf course were out doing their various jobs so I didn't see any reason why we couldn't go out and work on filling some divots. We worked for what seemed to be a couple of hot hours. I use the term we loosely because the students did all the bending and shoveling with the spades. I overlooked their work and it was judged to be good by the man who showed us where to work for the day. The…

Ever heard "don't build your hopes up"

It's funny how as the old saying goes "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" and such an event happened tonight.  I heard just what I needed to hear in order to learn my lesson in relationships.   When it's going on inside my head and not in that outside world, it's open for interpretation by that committee for expected disappointment.   I'm just glad I sort of realized what was up before it bubbled up and popped open leaving me on the post expectation drainooohhh.     I heard it from a good group of people who know me well, better than one expert opinion I heard it from a group of experts just how I think and see events and blow them out of proportion all too well.   Especially when left to myself.   
  I learned that I will not invest myself thinking I am going to get anything in return whenever there isn't any response from the other party.    
  The party is over, turn off the lights and shut the door.   

The Trees Are Turning Now

Fall. In this part of the country the trees are just beginning to change their color. Some very dark Alizarin Crimson is beginning to show up on the tops of our trees. It's the start. I am looking forward to the cool breezes and the need to put on some warmer clothes in order to bike ride around. It's just starting. I found myself checking the temperatures today just to see if I need a sweatshirt in order to ride in the evening today. I do so if it seems rather like a clear sky and we're under sixty five. We did have lower temps but the skies were cloud covered tonight. I wore my shorts and a nice shirt on my ride and I was just fine.
The nice thing is on a bike one heats up under a sweatshirt so it become a comfortable manner of both traveling and also being outdoors all in one. I'm thankful to be living outside of the crowded cities where one is always near choking smoke from traffic. Granted it was a lot worse years ago when I lived in Philly and…

Harmonica Man In Charlottesville

I enjoyed drawing this man down on the downtown mall. He is an interesting guy, in one sense it's bizarre that he's on his own just playing his heart out but in another sense he's doing what he loves. The nice thing is that he's a man who can make sense itself when one speaks with him. He's not full of bitterness as many homeless men tend to be. He's actually a nice guy who is contained in his conversation and yet is interesting in his verbal content without going tangential as I tend to do myself.
I was able to get a couple of nice drawings of him done while I sat near him. He played as I drew him which was appropriate for me.

Street Music

A lot of money is made in music today, but my hat's off to those street musicians who play for donations all across this country. I met one today on our Downtown Outdoor Mall. He plays the harmonica and he's a nice fella who is from California. I sat nearby and drew him. He's been in our town for a few years now, and I just never had the nerve to speak to him, but today was different. While I drew him I noticed that he has been really seasoned by being exposed to the out of doors. His fascicle lines are really deep, but his face looked healthy although tired. He plays almost all day long and most everyday. His hair is among the longest I've ever seen, he wears it in "dreadlocks" which flow over his shoulder on down his back to his ass and beyond.
The fella can play though, he belts out one tune after another. He occasionally takes a break but he's in his spot for an entire day playing his harmonica with a small amp and speaker. A…