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Peacock Auto

This is a work that was done on location here in this little college town. It's of a garage that was taken over by a good fellow...he's making a go of it on his own in this little building.

"Get'n Up There"

Today is the day I turn sixty, and believe me I don't feel it. When I realized where the time had gone I was stunned that I made it to this milestone of time alive on this earth. True, time alive doesn't equal the quality of that time being of good to excellent quality but man time alive does give one perspective on life that I hadn't been thinking of achieving but it is with me none the less. Having been here and being free, clear-headed and in a healthy state is something I learned that I owe to my spirituality and it's state. I truly think one doesn't last long if one doesn't have one's drive towards improvement headed in an everyday priority of living. I think because I always have thought I could just do a little better, that everyday I am taking on what people in my life bring up to me, and I try to be thankful for it. I don't always show gratitude for it but I do after I have had some time to think about it....most often I do....
Today …