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Spring Hill Pennsylvania For A Day Or Two

There is a place in eastern Pennsylvania that holds a small town feel and has very few citizens in it's rooms/homes but does have a really nice look.. The other feature it has is a restaurant. It's a little diner which serves some of the best home brewed coffee I've tasted. The diner was in a strip mall. It's in a part of town of love where many men/women are in slim and healthy looking shape. Then there are kids who zip on by on their Razor scooters. All the time others simply sleep off their beer buzz on a hotel porch. A few of the streets had much of an affluent look to them. Most of those whom I met where friendly. This little town was where I stayed for a few nights on a recent trip. I can say it was hot, but yet I got out on my bike and rode a river trail next to the upriver part of the Schuylkill River just north west of Philadelphia and that was fun. The trail was one I thought was for biking but it turned out that it was made more for locals t…

Who's Looking Now

Preparing to take a much needed vacation from the ongoing work done here in Charlottesville...I'm leaving it all behind for a little while to head up to see some friends in Berkeley Springs and then onto Philadelphia to visit someone important in my life. It should be a real joy to do all this in the next week. I'm thankful to have gott'n a good number of paintings done already in the first half of my summer break. I am hopeful about getting some more done once I return. I have some larger canvases that are ready to be painted upon and it maybe that I might feel like heading back to the comic supermarket with my brushes and paint. That's my feeling today, and I'm going to take my time driving, no need to get their five minutes faster because there is a slower truck in front of me that I've got to wwaaayyy baby!! I'll just slow it down.
The painting I'm showing today was a little afterthought of whimsy due to painting houses with nothi…

Making Art Is Easy

The new day brings art into the realm of possibilities. So it has gone this summer once awake I can see how making something new and thoughtful can happen with a little bit of effort. I gather my cat and check to make sure he is ok, that he has water, dry food and that the A/C is on for him. Once that is taken care of I gather my equipment and the new fresh canvas that I put together a couple of months ago just for this quick exit purpose and I split. My car is my artbox, it has my traveling Julianne easel and paints, medium with my brushes in a box with them all. I take off.
Once out, I have a preconceived idea of some possible sites along a street I decided I should concentrate on for this summer's work. In the previous days I have driven up and down it slowly looking at the various vantage points with houses of interest in view. I think of a part of the street where there might be a house or two with interesting architectural features and so that is where I park. …

Human Beings and Drawing of Them

In becoming a member of Mc Guffey I am able to access their drawing group that meets three times a week with a live model which one may draw from in order to improve one's drawing skills. Some people think all one gets out of doing such drawings is "a bunch of drawings of a nude standing around" when one is done. I have to disagree, if one becomes disciplined in drawing the human body then one can move on into the world around us. Due to the fact that to my thinking the human being is one of the most complicated forms to master drawing. To be convincing one must master many abilities in drawing and art before one can say they 'have it down', I always find the human form to be the very best challenges in art to draw and I doubt anyone actually ever masters the skill because each model brings so much new forms to light. But maybe that's just me. I plan to attend as many groups as I can to get into the skills it takes to do the human being convincingly eno…