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Trees 2012

Sometimes it pays to simply wait and let the clouds part from our view. They have to evaporate ya know and it's not something one can force. So sometimes when one is stuck from having subjects to paint one falls back upon old subject matter, that's where this painting comes from, it's a tried and true subject matter for me. I think I'm getting a little better at it now. If one compares it to some older tree paintings I do think this one is a little better. But I'll leave that to history to judge, that is if history wishes to remember me and my art in the first place. It's kind of pompous of me to think that people would but people have been very kind and they do surprise me from the perspective of who and how they like my artwork. So I'll stand aside when it comes time for those who appreciate my art to talk about it.

Family Of Trippel Painted by Fourth Generation

Looking at art one sometimes comes upon an idea when visiting an art museum, such was the case of how this painting came about; One day I went to the back galleries of the Philadelphia Art Museum when I was living up their, I happen to come upon some B/W paintings done by Robert Indiana. They were somewhat eerier due to the fact that they were all of people long since dead plus they were all painted in Black and White no other colors at all were used by R. Indiana. The paintings were taken from old family photo albums and executed on large canvases but had no other colors other than black, white and gray. At first I thought that they were rather ugly and had no "life in them" but they did stick in my mind and have done so for years now.
Funny thing about art, sometimes one finds work that is sired upon one's memory and no matter what one does to forget about a painting, a film or a book one can't do so. Such were this series of paintings that were hanging i…