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Red Church (again)

There is something to be said for examining an object at all times of the day somewhat the way Monet did with Notre Dame in Paris when he made multiple paintings of the same building only at varying times of the morning and afternoon. I feel each of his paintings is unique and stand alone as wonderful works of art. I felt this way when coming upon this scene of the Red Church among the fields of green and umber grasses. I worked and worked on it. I went back time and time again to the farmland where I got permission of the owner to stand firm and paint, doing so I came up with these three paintings of the same Church yet each one stands by itself as a finished work of art. I do not apologize for doing the same scene over and over again. I do however need to move on from it, I found it to be a unique and certainly topical subject for this area of the country. This is known among some as "The Bible Belt" and for good reasons, for many these Churches here are the cent…


The County I live in now has some wonderful features to it, one featured place is a road crossing of the main Railroad tracks it has a small house beside it. I feel this small house might have been a working feature when this soapstone mine was in bigger production. I feel this might have been a crossing guard station house for a person who would warn traffic coming across the tracks with loads of soapstone. I don't think it was a complete train-stop but it might have been. I see where there is enough cleared land to have had some sort of loading dock for the soapstone heading northward to be sculpted into building facades or other structures. But in these times all that remains is this crossing guard house which still has a rocking chair on it's porch which one can see if one looks close enough at the photograph. This small crossing is on the Rockfish River Road just east of the main north and south highway cutting through Virginia's midsection better known as R…