Scottsville and Rt 6/ Rt 20 Intersection

The very active intersection of Rt 6 w Rt 20 was the subject of my interest today. I set up around noon and worked with a few breaks from the sun for four hours. I felt as if I had gott'n off to a bad start but as I worked on this canvas I saw where it developed rather nicely into an unorthodox painting composi
tion but I felt it worked. It worked well and so I left it alone and kept developing it into the canvas you see. I began with the buildings setting too far down past the midpoint of the latitude. I simply kept going but I almost just rubbed it all out to begin again. As I was taught and are many art students, to not begin unless one is totally confident of a good start to there canvas. One cannot build well unless one has a good foundation upon with to set his or her building, and this canvas was questionable at best when I got started. What I did was simply try something questionable and see what I could do with it. I actually felt some sense of being upset with being left with this beginning ( by myself mind you) and I just sat myself down and got to work on it. I picked up the brush and said..."well here's my brush now what needs more work?" I didn't stop. I got hot, I didn't stop, I took a break but went back to work on it, I didn't quit for the day....I felt I couldn't see working on anymore, but I simply did what more needed to be done and I didn't stop. By four pm the painting was done. I stopped. I was very pleased with my result and it doesn't need anything else to 'make it work' it's done.


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