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Abstactionist and Where One Can Take It

I don't often paint from geometric sources but yesterday I did. I played with circles intersecting and forming rings and wistful lines on a plain of bright yellow. It was a fun painting and I simply put it all together as I was going along. I didn't have an end point in mind when I began but I knew when I was done when I arrived at that point. The painting ended when it looked so. As I've grown up I have a greater appreciation for the Post Modern abstractionist that lived during the late fifties and early sixties. I know it began in the early twentieth century with such painters and Picasso and Matisse yet I think it flowered in the late twentieth century with artist in the Post Modernist era of the nineteen sixties. Abstract work seems easy until one begins to make it. It takes an inner idea of what one is looking for and also where the materials will allow you to take a painting. There are limits. The really good abstractionist could see where a painti…

A Winter Day for My Good Memories

The lite snowfall painted a nice scene with the Rockfish River dam that sits in the river right below my house. I can hear the river in warmer weather when my windows are open but with today's homes being so insulated its difficult to discern that water spilling over the dam sound. I love it when the winds are right and the silence is broken by the roar of the waterflow. The home is one with large areas inside so I can set up my easel and paints and have plenty of space to paint my canvases. With this situation one would say "Wow, you really have it made!" And I do but it's a long way from where I am to anything resembling culture or stores or restaurants or lets go so far as to say...I'm in the middle of the very edge of the know world here. But then it's a place with little interference from the outside during my times of wanting to be alone. The small cost, as well as a good car which the new Chevy Cruze Eco has proven to be for me well it all …