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Faber Rd View Southward

This is one of the most beautiful spots in the lower 48 states or such is my own belief about my home area. In driving back and forth to work I often will take a short cut even if it is a slower way home. Reason being; its just nice to see the countryside with many of the roadside views looking like they belong on a postcard. This painting is the result of taking one of those shortcuts home. It is back off the beaten path somewhat, but it is not a hidden view it is simply not a view many people see. It is in southern Albemarle County just north or around Nelson County in Central Virginia but it is on a back road. The farm shown has two owners. These two elderly women still live their, working on the farm even in their eighties. One can see that this spot has some history although not to the extent European farms might but enough for us around here. In the background is Walton's Mountain, yes the same one mentioned in Earl Hammner's book "the Walton…

Batteau Festival all Down the James River

In Virginia there are many rivers that run across the Commonwealth. One of them is the James River which runs far into the mountains for its origin and down past where I am at Howardsville and then on past Scottsville and on to Richmond, Gochland and finally into the Chesapeake Bay. Before roads where maintained other than for being horse trails rivers were the major means of transporting large amounts of drygoods. To do this there were a fleet of 'longboats' that traveled up and down the James River moving these goods along to the early settlers here in Central Virginia. In order to understand this some locals have refurbished and renewed a few of these old 'longboats' into operating with the help of some hearty volunteers. Once a year now, people man the longboats and a group of them float on downstream to Gochland from up near Lynchburg, Virginia. They come into Scottsville every June and I happen to catch site of them this year as they pulled into shore …

Drawing from the Subconscious: My Ego Spoke

I often enjoy live theater, at least this was the case when I lived in Philadelphia and also somewhat here in Central Virginia (Charlottesville,Va.) my theater attendance has been infrequent but I did go. I sat in many an audience during a live performance of said playwrite watching actors unfolding a tale. From stories teaching us a meaning to simply absurd situations unfolding before us I was their sitting taking it all in. But this year was somewhat of a different slant on written plays, I was in one as an actor. It was a small bit part but none the less I was onstage. I really enjoyed it. I saw it as a completion of my reading drama/comedy to seeing it performed and now being in it. The circle was now complete for my enjoyment of drama/comedy. And this moment showed up in my drawing from my imagination this spring. When I drew this drawing I didn't know where it came from but I could picture this man on stage having his ego stroked by an appreciative audie…

"808 Monticello Ave" and the Painting of It

Sometimes the weather just ain't so bad for working outdoors either on gardening, woodwork, bikeriding, or perhaps even art via "plein air". Such was the case this past Saturday during the mid-day section of sunlight. June 7th I found myself working on painting what might just be called a "home portrait" or simply put I was painting a house as an artist and not a commercial house painter. Forgive me for getting so technical but if I am not specific about this point some people take it that I can give them an estimate of house much it would take to do their house. But they don't mean on canvas but rather putting up a new color on their place of residence...well no matter you understand I know. This particular house belongs to a really unique couple who are younger but not too much so, the wife ran a gallery in town for a while called "Firefish" which I did submit many paintings over the last three years or so, selling a few too from…

'Pen and Ink' Keeping My Creative Fire Alive

While waiting the summer art production rush I go through every year, I often resort to pen and ink drawings. I use pen and ink for three reasons: first, to keep my artistic eye alive and well, second, to think creatively since this takes less materials to create so less is lost if it doesn't turn out well, and thirdly, it is very easy to set up and work with when one feels the urge to 'make art'. My reasons are clearly one's of maintaining myself during the times when I can't get to the palette and brush since there just isn't enough time to do so when I only have a weekend's time-frame in which to spend on my efforts. The laundry, grocery shopping and general household chores have to be done in that time-frame as old saying comes to mind "one has only so many hours in a day" I do enjoy working in pen and ink though, its not like I have been exiled to the Siberia of the paper and pen. No not at all, that just is…