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Rockfish River Post Office

This out of the city experience is very bucolic as one might expect, however every once in a while something stands out as a wonderful composition. This painting is but a small ten inch by twenty inch study for a larger work to come, it is of a Post Office on the local railroad track crossing. The road that crosses the track runs along the Rockfish River for many a mile and the track crosses the river at this point over a bridge which is under the track and out of sight of the viewer of my point of sight. I plan to make the bridge a bit more apparent on the larger painting. I suppose I will get to painting it again sometime when the winds aren't blowing so stiff.

Acrylic Redux

Sometimes I retouch older paintings and take them a little further down the road of creation to another point of existence, and such was the case with this painting. It laid around the house collecting dust until I felt that I could work on it moreso than what I had done. By bringing this painting out I think I put new ideas to work on it. By the time I finished with it I felt that it was completed now. I didn't feel that way before then. This painting is an acrylic. For me that is an area I don't have much experience in and I wish to play with it until I do. I have bought some new acrylic stuff like mediums and some paints before working on this canvas, as of this ending shown here I think I am learning some good lessons by working with more supplies. I'm hoping to show it in the winter group show coming up next month and the month of December. I enjoy looking at it, its a very warm painting, and very lively too. I like that about it.

Charming View

While living in Charlottesville one could sometimes spot a wonderfully beautiful view while simply walking. This drawing was arrived at this way. It is a house upon a hillside on the southern side of the city. The house isn't all that noticable from the main street (Monticello Ave near Mead Ave) but if you see how slanted the hill its on is you can get the idea of whats' so special about it. The building defies gravity and sits there on that hillside with a really great view of Monticello Mountain and Brown's Mtn. It was worth remembering with this drawing. Since I no longer live in the city of Charlottesville I am glad to have my drawings as a way of remembering my past living in that city. I had my moments and the city was a place like no other. It has its charms.

"Front Street Again!!" One More Time!!

Hey Now Hey Now!! When one gets the chance to draw its the duty, the moral obligation of the artist to do it. And so with autumn breezes blowing I got up off my duff and took off with my drawing book to head out. I found myself doing double duty, I took the recycling to the center and my drawing notebooks along for the ride. No not to draw the dump but to travel a little bit further down the road to Lovingston. Its got a lot of promise. If someone has the money to invest in some dying wooden turn of the nineteen hundred's buildings that is: I see them as museum pieces to what was not but sixteen decades ago or so. They do have style and they are sort of sculpted in a manner no longer done in buildings of this millennium. I set up on Front Street in Lovingston and got right to work. About a better day one wouldn't be able to get if one tried and so the drawing went quickly. About an hour to an hour and a half later there it was, done to the point where I cou…