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It "is" Whatever it "is"

This is a slow season for me, a time when schoolwork is asking a lot and so on and so on...I need not explain any further. Well I do come out with a pen and ink occasionally during these slow times for my paintings. Such is this one...don't ask I don't know what this is about it just 'is' whatever it 'is'

Anna's #5: "Why the 5?"

One eating spot that almost all agree has the very best pizza is Annia's #5 on Alderman Road. Its a simple restaurant with no frills added into its decor but its good menu items can't be beat. The reason for being called "Annia's #5" is unknown, in as much as we don't know why there is a 5 in its name. When asked the owner is enigmatic and you will leave still not knowing why the "5" but hey its ok...its an existential absurd question and answer so move on. The enjoyable part of this place is that its usually open when one has the hankering for a pie. And that is a winner in itself. So enjoy the art, I enjoy the place and the people who own and run it. Its one of Charlottesville's landmark spots on many townpeople's radar.

7 Day Jr on Fontain Ave

One of the American traits is to pop into the local fast Mart or locally here in the south is the 7/11, but in our little part of the world its better known as the 7 Day Jr. which is particular to Charlottesville. This one has some folk-law with regards to my past and my story. It use to be a frequent stop for me, either for smokes and a soda, or simply to ride my bike over and pick up a six pack. Often I would find the store had some improvements done to its interior with new displays or a new arrangement of shelves. It was always interesting to see just what that new thing was and just what it looked like. This frequent stop in was eliminated in my life due to the fact that I no longer drink beer nor smoke cigs, so now if I am thirsty I might stop in for of all things a bottle of water...but just that, nothing more. So even more frequently I just keep on going till I get home and I can get a water from the fridge door. My new fangled fridge has that capacity of all things i…