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"Lucky 7" After Being Touched Up Some

I worked a little more on the painting of the "Lucky 7" working on the shadows above the front doors and windows to give the shadows a little more definition. I used dark reds and some Hansa Yellows w Flake White. I believe it changed the whole visual affect of it.

The Waiter's Voice

The waiter is hidden in many upscale restaurants. Not so if your working in the kitchen of one, their is where one gets to witness the inner beings of those who do our restaurant's catering towards the customers. Its up close and its personal to we who worked in establishments of eating. Personal habits were often worthy of comment to the wait staff in most of those restaurants I worked at, like Martha's Cafe, Zipper's and before that Basin Street, Miller's on the downtown mall plus a few others. It all came down to just how human we were to those who asked "will there be anything else?" or "Would you like something to drink?" Even with the predictability of the questions much more was communicated to the waiter. So much so, there was almost a deathwish that could arise in an unspoken way for those who answered, those who were sitting down at the table. The wait staff usually had a lot to say in the back kitchen area about who they w…

Lucky 7

This painting took some time but in doing it many memories came flooding back into my mind. I believe everyone in C'ville has done business in this store. Its slated for demolition soon. Along with the building right next door to it, it has been a touchstone for locals. I think all of we locals have been inside of its doors to buy cigarettes or beer. Its in a central location, right next to the police station and City Hall where many run over for our daily needs. It has about anything in the way of candy, cigs, beers or sodas inside its' vaults or coolers. They are doing the usual with it, the thing that was sung out by Joanie Michell in that they are "paving paradise and putting up a parkinglot". Here it happens again, this time its for parking for our courts and policemen. Its days are numbered and so I remember it with this canvas. One funny little note is that its widely known that if you want to get a cab all you have to do is go to the "Luc…