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418 South 45 th St. On the Porch n da Summer

My friends and I were avid TV watchers back in the day. At one time we set up the couch and portable TV out on the porch and we watched from that vantage point during the hot city afternoons. Many people would pass by and we would pause and strike up a conversation with them and sometimes they would come up off the city sidewalk and join us. Other times they would simply hold a brief deeply felt communicative moment with us and walk on. It was a memorable occasion none the less and I really enjoyed it. That all went on for a good while until the landlord got wind of it and made us move back inside the townhouse turned apartment-house. I did this drawing simply by my memory as best I could remember what our set up looked like from that townhouse porch in the West Philly part of the city.

Belmont Market: Pen and Ink

I used to live in Belmont and the iconic spot when I first moved to Lennard Street I had to walk by or bike right by the local convenience store called the Belmont Market almost everyday. It is in the heart of that small district of Charlottesville but it has much deeper ties to those who grew up in C'ville (as its affectionately known)....we who have spent time traversing those streets have all stopped into 'The Belmont Market' at one time or another. The building has the look of one that might collapse right around you if you spent too much time their, but it never has. Serving the public of C'ville for many many years the Market has gone through a few different hands of ownership. Right now the Vorah family owns it. I know because their son was a student at our school just a few years ago and it was then that I would check up on him sitting in his father's store stocking its shelves with assorted items. They are a wholesome new age American immigrant…