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People added to "The Tavern"

I was asked ever so politely to add some people and cars to my painting of The Tavern, and so I did. I began with a 50's Chevy and some guys dressed like oldtime detectives pointing out something or another. Then I added a Zap Comics sort of androgenic character, I don't know what the complete story is with these guys, you'll have to use your imagination to figure it out. This restaurant has been in Charlottesville since before my time (which was 1977)'a townspeople's favorite' and it really was. Hope u like what I did to it. '

"The Tavern" but with a little more added

This is "The Tavern" painting taken a few steps further along in its development with my oils.

The Tavern Breakfast Restaurant of Charlottesville

The Tavern no longer exist, sorry if this is breaking news for you but its gone. It closed last year to make way for a new shopping building of one kind or another. One always has to make way for the wrecking ball after a while in our 21st Century lifestyle of Charlottesville. This city is in a boomtown mood, new hotels and shopping malls are coming into being left and right. And so I snapped a few photos of 'the Tavern' building before its gone for good. That restaurant was a staple for many a U.Va. student on any given Sunday morning for a breakfast to kill for, sometimes I was even at there tables awaiting pancakes and sausage. The food was good and always worth the short wait it took to get fed. It is missed. The restaurant was around for decades. I'd say unofficially that it might have been established in the 1960's but I am not sure. I do know that it was suggested that I had to paint it. To which I often responded, "not now, the building is…