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Brushes in a Glass Jar

Sometimes I am at a loss as to what to use as subject matter for my creative juices but then I happen upon my truest love, my art equipment as my muses fixation. And so it is that I did this drawing of my brushes out on my art table. I do this to take a break from the worktime using my oils. One needs a change of pace I believe don't you think?

Pushing Away the Sun

Moving the sun further away is sometimes wish of mine. Here I stretch towards it moving upward cursing the withered branch that gives no shade while my friend covers the eyes of a laughing sun. Meaning; "Its hot, calm down sun."

Airplane Plumes

The roads today are full of unusual cars and jets just spewing their gaseous plumes overhead.

Trump Found Rose's Tapedeck in the Oval Office

Trump has found Evalen Wood's (Pres Nixon's secretary) tapedeck in the Oval Office in memory of good old Tricky Dick and he's quoted here saying "Nixon used this for his now famous missing eighteen minutes; now I can use it!" A joke it is said needs no explanation or it just isn't worth sharing it with you.