RxR Warehouse 'n Shipman

This building that was used as a railroad warehouse intrigued me as an interest of color, shape and form within an artistic vocabulary of paint. I saw it as a simple contrast of sky-blue, brick-red and forage green put together in the composition of the canvas. I used a heavy paint application with drawing by the brush. The result is something I think I could revisit and perhaps remake with a larger canvas. This one is merely 14" by 22". It's a small study. Its next to a railroad crossing in Shipman. I can see where it was mostly used as a holding warehouse by the farming community around this small community in days gone by.


What Has Worked;

"Specked Egg" Barn

"KIdd's Store: #3"

Barn with Rusted Red Roof

A Barn on Rt 6 (another look)

Esmont: Construction Gutted Open for View