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Our Field Trip to Natural Bridge

At our school which is a small outcrop from the local high school, we took a trip to a place in Virginia that I had never seen before yesterday, Natural Bridge is a very nice day trip from where we are located. I was impressed with the fact that there is more to the park than one natural phenomena.
There is a nice walk to an Native American village with people from the original tribe that was living in this area of this part of the world long ago. And some of those members who are decendents of that tribe was their weaving, making jewelry and cooking pancake looking food stuffs over the fire on a griddle at the village. It was truly nice.
Then to walk further on the trail past the village was a bridgeto a cave which we could take a long look downward into the darkness, and even beyond that was a waterfall. There was a lot to see at this tourist attraction. Granted there was the typical tourist center at the start to this trail, but otherwise it was mostly a natura…

Teacher's Fatigue

School is out for the three day Memorial Day weekend, and everyone was tired and taking a break laying down for a moment as the last bus slipped out of the parking lot. It seems one of our hard working teachers had not too much sleep last night, because she had collapsed after work around 7pm and awoke at 3 am unable to return to sleep she got up and got dressed. During the last couple of weeks all of our teachers have been meeting with parents and all concerned persons involved in all twenty-two of our students. Try doing that day after day and whistle Dixie. They were all beat by today when it all came to an end. So, I can fathom how they might want a little rest after all that they went through.
Our students are moving on soon. I snapped a few photos of them as they came to school this morning just to remember those who are graduating next month and others who are all a part of my life today. I never thought I would be able to say, "I love my work". But toda…

Recovery Weekend

Sponsorship Gathering
I was at a sponsorship retreat related to my Recovery "family" of brothers from this area. It was terrific. I was able to listen and concentrate on how various speakers could relate to my life and I found a lot to identify with and I learned truth from others who live with this disease of addiction but who don't use drugs.
We all stayed in the same dorm rooms and ate all meals together, we lived and shared our time with each other in a very real way. I learned more about the people I see in my daily life during my week at meetings than every before.
It was good for me to enjoy those who are new to our brand of Recovery from addiction. I heard various ways to the same ends of being in touch with a spiritual force that can guide us to not use and improve our relations with ourselves, our families and the whole of society we live with on a day to day basis.
We laughed at humorous anecdotes from our brothers and we cried at the memory o…

Bike to Work Day

I awoke to learn that it was bike to work day, and I was going to ride to work anyway but on my journey I learned of a table at an intersection where I usually travel that featured bananas and bagel parts in bite sized pieces. Couldn't have been a better start to the day, meeting with other bikeriders on their way to work.
I was tired after riding to the gym yesterday and working out for an hour and a half then riding another five miles home...but ride we must. I have driven my car since Sunday and today is two days later and I don't think I'll be driving today either.
I'm on my way to the ballgame tonight, it's the last homegame in regular season. I'm headed their with a friend from long ago. He got tickets to row four just behind homeplate, couldn't ask for anything better than that to see our hometown champions playball.

I could offer a little hope today

It's been a struggle to beat this illness today (it's the flu) but today I got over it. All the ugly stuff that comes with being sick seems to have lifted this evening and I'm ready to get at it once again. I don't like missing out on life so I stuck with doing my job even though I was sick for the last three days, I don't usually do this but the weather was so good for biking, etc.
Tonight I'm back into my old self, feeling ok once again. I don't recommend this action for most illnesses but I was so fed up with being sick in the springtime, that I had to keep going. I enjoyed being with people these past few days, and I was careful not to touch people or too many things at work. I think I hope I didn't pass it on.
Today I am hearing from a student who really wants to go to college and who wants to help people in the consumer case management program that the local community college offers to some who are recommended. I didn't say, "well…

A little flue bug but it's not stopping me today

I was sick yesterday and today, but I forge onward with some time at work, some football throwing which is always a winner and some of the getting down and dirty work as the cleaning crew at the U.Va. Aquatic and Fitness Center. We have been bringing a couple of our guys their since Jan or so, it's been a good job site for training people about being that janitor in a drum. We do it well.
I have a flu virus or the onset of a cold bacteria, I'm not sure which it is but I don't feel like spending the time off work or the money to find out. I am getting plenty of rest though, no gym workouts for this week. I miss it. But I am biking to work. I enjoy that trip in the morning and the ride home is grand, it's only a little over two miles, I'm sure of it.
I got out yesterday and photographed some of God's wondrous beautiful art in his flowers by the side of the road. That's where today's photo comes from, those eye catching Irises can take you s…

A Very Sleepy Gray Day

Tonight is the Republican's chance to say something when I think they know our President has ruined the stew for them already with some oversalting of the meat, or too many hot hot super hot peppers in the mix. Too hot to eat, what can you say when you have to throw it all out?
I don't see them getting very far in the next election between now and the time it comes to vote next year.
Such could be the situation.
It's cold and wet outside and all people could think of doing for the most part was lying down and going to sleep. Both students and teachers would have rather of just gott'n tucked in for the duration of the wet and gray day we had today.
I'm with them.
But I heard it was good for the Queen of England down the road in Richmond.