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Thanksgiving in Earlysville Va

A noteworthy Holiday, since I saw my friend and co-artist from this area who is also involved in VSA his name is Chris Wharam and he's a good man. I was able to sit and enjoy a good dinner thanks to his Mom Peggy, and watch a little football on his new HDTV. The reception was a little ruff due to the high winds, it seems to interfere with his satellite hookup. I was glad to have a reason to get out of town for a while, the sky was unique and shown sunlight on the rust colored leaves as I rode out to Earlysville where Chris lives.
I got a lot of painting done too, I finished another canvas and I will begin another soon. I will be photographing it as soon as the weather permits.
The photo on this blog is from a farm across the street from where Chris and his family live. It was an interesting composition so I snapped it.
I'm enjoying the end of the Holiday and to tell you the truth I'm ready to get back to work.

What a Good Day For a Feast

I enjoy the Holiday's but they seem so empty of people. The town empties out because everyone is with there family outside of this place at least this place is emptied out. I'm not feeling alone though. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast at my workplace with our students. It was the very best meal of the year for me. Our staff puts it together and they do an outstanding job every year. I get away with buying some freshly made rolls from a local bakery. It's not much in comparison to others efforts in making the feast as good as it is but it is enjoyed none the less.
It really great to see our students all together eating, talking and enjoying some really good food.
I am headed out to Earlysville to enjoy another feast today with an artist friend and his family. I will be fun.
Ten of my paintings will be featured in a show called "Comic Apparition" at a restaurant in Richmond by the name of "Positive Vibe" that is run (all employees a…

Japanese Pigeons

I'm working on a new painting dealing with some school girls and guys feeding the pigeons in an open area. The Japanese didn't mess with changing the pigeons habits by putting up electric fences on their buildings to electrocute them like they did in Philadelphia when they got tired of clean up their s--t. I always wanted to catch one of those fast little bird when I was in Japan and before I left that town, a man noticed my desire to hold one of them and he caught one and gave it to me to hold. I remember thinking "it's not what it's cracked up to be holding on to this mess of a bird" I lost my need to catch one after that experience. But I had my picture taken with the bird by my Dad who happened to be with me at the time.
One of those things we all can learn from I guess is getting just what we asked for, it can cure you of the desire entirely.

Stop and Realize What We're A Part Of Here

Tomorrow local elections take place in this fair city. The surrounding county also is holding elections for their board of supervisors which is pretty important seeing how this area is facing so much growth. It's a good place to live but if it gets too crowded it's not going to give us anything but headaches to live with on a daily basis. I'm hoping that somehow someone will realize that if new people move in here they need to have enough of a network of support for these new people meaning roads, schools, water treatment and all that means less green areas. We need to stop and look at what green areas can turn into growth areas and which never should.
The main thing is "where are these people who are to move into these new homes and condos be coming from?" or is this wasted building. I see those condos built behind the West Main Street train station and no one is moving into those places. They haven't had much new people in them for the last th…