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The Day Awaits It's Participants

It's the beginning of the workday, it's a spring day with the temps going up into the seventies no doubt I will be ready for a bike ride once my daily commitments are done. The air will be crisp this morning but I will breath it with a welcoming thanks for a body that operates well enough to absorb it, make use of it and the exhale it in order to bring more into my lungs.
After a good breakfast, one can face the morning's needs. Ablutions done I head on into the deeds that must be done. Work awaits and I am ready for it.

Why Weird People: Here is my Answer

Working is the way I earn the money to buy the food I need to feed myself. I often go to the grocery store weekly, actually I seem to often show up every Friday evenings when the place is pretty deserted and I can get what I want with the ease of an Olympic skater. It is their that I run into the matter of my memories provide me to draw when I open my pad. This drawing opposite is one of them.

Someone asked me why do I draw and paint art that makes people uncomfortable? I actually stumbled when answering her. I had to struggle to tell her. I searched my thoughts and I wondered myself "why?" She said I should think about it. I did, boy did I. I tossed a bit thinking about it as I lay down to sleep that night. Sure I eventually rationalized an answer to it but it really wasn't until the next morning on my way to work when I really saw and knew why I create these really weird and sometimes bizarre caricatures on my canvases. Then I use my best techni…

Emposed Inactivity; AWWEHHH!!!

The weather is changing. My fond cat is feeling better, not scratching her skin nearly as much with the air becoming damper now. She's not as dried out.
I have a new canvas and I am wondering just whether to paint another caricature upon it or move on to something more timely to my life's current station. Nawww! I think I have the caricature that would be just right for it.
I've been having a hard time not exerting myself. I'm under doctor's orders not to pick up anything with the weight that is more than my cat. That doesn't leave much. I didn't obey it yesterday and I got a lot done around here that I wasn't able to do because of the ongoing weather of cold cold cold air, snow, ice and just tough stuff. So last night I got the hurt that comes from not following doctors advice, not too much fun. I made a decision: I will follow his advice, pain isn't necessary in order to live a full life.
And so I will have to paint slowly, rest …