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New Oil: "All of a Sudden: He Just Floated Away"

I enjoy my life much more today because of a fellowship call Narcotics Anonymous, it's responsible for my reclaiming myself and my life. Two of my closest friends from years ago said to me (in all confidence now) that they thought I was insane. My trouble was and still is I don't see through their eyes but I live within my own skin and thus I make myself as comfortable as I can and I feel sane or that I have a healthy approach to life, mentally I feel really good and always have felt healthy. But when one realizes that it's not just oneself but others who create 'reality' one can see that as Oscar Wilde said "no man is an island" . With that said, I felt ok but my existence around me didn't see me as being so healthy. Well nothing changed that until I got clean in NA. It's then I had a look at myself and what I really had done instead of what I was thinking I had done and appeared. My two good friends were brave enough to tell me the trut…

Mov'n on with Art

It's been too long since I last put down an entree into this blog but I'll tell ya moving will make one exausted if nothing else: that's my excuse and I'm stick'n to it. I have finished one painting and I'm working upon completing another and I ought to be done in just a few days. School is crank'n along too, there is words being spoken about 'graduation' among other end of the school year rhetoric ....and so my thoughts are turning to the subject of "what are you going to be doing this summer?" And with that I will turn my thoughts to plans for what is going to interest my brush and palette during our summer break. But first there is this canvas I am working on now, it is a joy to be doing so in such a fine spot as my new home is,,,how wonderful a feeling it is to paint in sunlight from a large window in the morning with an idea of where one wants to go with "it".
Until later on...when I post my newest one... most lik…