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Ice Cream Bar

My drawing dealing with the carnival of life.

Diversity at the Grocery Store and Elsewhere

Life can be a carnival sometimes...the people we see sometime seem to come right out of a circus tent on their way to the concession stand getting some ice cream between acts. Such as scene seems to play out whenever I am at the grocery store heading in for my weekly purchase of food items. I don't ask questions, I don't bother to stop someone and ask them "...and what country are you from?" or "why do you look like someone who I wouldn't ever see anywhere else?" It's a real unique group I run into at the doorway at my local groceryshop and I don't know why. Maybe its simply a sign of being in a global village and I'm just starting to catch on to that fact. I am welcoming though, the broader and varied the population the more diverse our knowledge and skill-level is as a nation and people. Ok I'll get off my there you have it...Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm happy for it all...all of all is good with me!

Diversity and the Local Grocery Experience

Its a wonderful thing that we have such a variety of people at the local grocery store when I am shopping there in the evening. It's a reflection that with so many new countries bringing there people to our shores our nation is benefiting and changing because of it. I see so many different nationalities represented simply at the local grocerstore when I go to buy my weekly foods. I feel I am missing out on this unique experience because I don't have the nerve to stop one or two of these guys and ask them "where are you from?" or " you find this kind of store meets your needs?" I guess I don't do that simply from not wanting to be a pest or thought of as "...that weird guy who asks strangers questions" so I don't dare do so. But seeing how these folks are from all over the world kind of has me reflecting on our founder Thomas Jefferson who wanted to bring people from all over the world to his University for a global village an…

Take Three: Miller School Landscape

This is the painting I worked up three weekends ago on Oct 19th and 20th of this year. I came from an opening of the properties of the Miller School to anyone who might wish to paint them and their views. I went up on a Saturday morning where the lite breakfast was provided and registration took place then off I went to the back fields of the school to paint. The painting took most of the late morning and the early afternoon until about four pm before I called it a day with my painting about three fourths done. It showed promise but I knew the next day would bring about a different look to it since the sun was no doubt be different. The first days efforts came about on an overcast day with a grey luminescent day with all the colors on the land being dull and rather dark. I knew the next day the sky would be clear and the colors much different. I wasn't disappointed. The next day I worked out the image of the barn and the open fields nearer to me and I left the moun…