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Working On Some Art Today

Seeing some of the white stuff on the ground this morning was a bit of a surprise. No matter, the schools are in session and the day will go on, it's just a gentle reminder of the season we are heading into and what may be in store for us.
Seeing all the great things that fall brings has been a real joy, like a new president-elect, that in itself is a real joy. I'm glad to have helped the system get him in office earlier this month.
I will be working with a student on an art project of painting something he would like to see. I'm not exactly sure what we will produce but it will be something worthwhile and hopefully a joy for him to work on. I am going to be using art equipment much like the equipment I use here at home with my own art. I want these guys to have a real experience of doing what artist do with the stuff artist make their work with, the brushes, the palette, the very same canvas that I use when I make a work of art.
It's cold outside …

On The Fly

The day is gray, wet and dark with little hope of change for the next day either nor this one. This is good dismal weather for the blackest crows to fly overhead and well you know the rest....
A good day to spend indoors. A day of work, meetings, exercise in the gym and being on the run. I guess it's what must happen in order for us to be forgiven for the sins of our forefathers but it's hard at times. Never too hard, just hard and wearing on my inner soul. However the alternative is not any better, only worse to be truthful so I shouldn't complain, I am not really complaining but it's ruff. I know it won't always be like this and we will attain our reward if we give it enough time. And I also know the reward is having the kind of life that I do enjoy living. So on I will go, and smile about it because after all it is the best of all lives that we live here in the states. I've seen other parts of the world and I realize that this claim is…

Old Lovers, Good Solid Hindsight

Enjoying this cool morning is very much a good time for me. The apartment house is quite from all the present occupants being asleep from their partying last night, see it's Sunday morning and well I just didn't fall asleep so....I'm up and you can hear a pin drop, or a cat lick itself clean. I have my favorite Radio Paradise on my headphones right now and they're playing some really good Squire Nut Zippers "In the Afterlife" it's some really funny stuff. Today I get to rest for a good while with the extra hour of time to waste, I might take a easy finally but who knows. As I've aged, its become a little easier to deal with missed sleep than it was in my younger years. I use to hate missing sleep. I hated having my girlfriend, even if she was one of the most beautiful scenes I ever woke up to, get me up early on a weekend morning just to watch the sunrise. Hell I hated that, my eyes were bleary, my mouth was always real dry and my cigare…