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The thing about Recovery artwork

A gang symbol this isn''s a new item I saw shown at the NA world convention and I liked it. It sort of puts NA into a human perspective with the use of human hands creating the square within the circle which is our geometric symbol. Only this can be done by anyone in any situation as a symbol for our Recovery from our addiction to drugs. And I have been wondering how I can pay a proper tribute to NA for all that it's done for me and to do so with my images and artwork. It's a real challenge because one (an artist) can't use the NA square within a circle because its got a copywrite on it and one can't put an image of any recognizable person in because of our anonymity so it's tough. But here one can put people in it without giving away just who they are with a set of hands and so far this symbol of thumbs meeting the pinky finger are not copywrited I least so far they aren't, but wait until some lawyers get into the her…

What People Can Say Can and Does Amaze Me

I have done much to keep my iron in the fire of art. I try my best to do something artistic at least once a day, whether its a drawing or painting or simply marketing my work but something to keep me in the game, something to keep me wet and surrounded by my love of the craft. This drawing is one way I keep at it. It's a simple study. A simple line drawing but in doing it I am keeping my hand-eye coordination together and sharp. Some crazy people think I have a camera in my head or that I have a measuring ruler in my head, can you believe the crazy things people who are suppose to be educated ...can you believe what they think is going on? Quite a wild ride to be sure, but I'm still on that bronco after all these years, I'm in it till the end no matter what. This piece is simply a study of looking at the image, drawing that image while looking at it and not looking at the paper I am drawing on. But do people believe that, I don't think there degree is worth v…

Coincidental Imagery People In Life

Attending the World Convention was an interesting study in character, character expressed by our various and unique facial structure as it shows up in our looks. I sat down in a hallway chair for a while and took out my drawing book then got to work. As people passed a few took the time to sit across the hallway in a comfortable bench. And other simply stood with friends and conversed for a short time, as they took these rests I got to work. Here I collected a good number of character studies of these guys and gals during there stays in the hallway. I spent the good part of an hour or so working on these drawings. I don't feel it compromises these guys anonymity because my replication of an exact likeness just can't be trusted so there ya go. My artistic license is at work in my art workbook, my pen does it all and does it well enough to be convincing that maybe just maybe you might have seen a guy or gal who looks just like one of these people in my drawings, well i…

WCNA 35 in Philadelphia

I was gifted with a ticket on the train and also a way into the 35th World Convention of NA held in downtown Philadelphia this past weekend. What a blowout it was, some of the very best of speakers also with some of the best commonsense shared on the world wide stage. There were people from all over the world on stage sharing with we who we Blessed enough to be in a the audience. People from Russia: a hundred visiting young men and women anxious to bring back literature so they could free there friends from addiction and start NA in mother Russia. People from Africa sharing on Skype to 18,000 addicts in the audience. Wow! I'm glad I can say I too am in Recovery today, Just for Today!