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Dithyrambic Daytime: the painting

This has been my winter (or Christmas) breaks obsession it's an oil painting that I worked tirelessly upon for the last two weeks. It's titled : Dithyrambic Daytime" which is a large word that just means the wild and wonderful day. It is not to be analyzed so much as to be simple pondered in wonder as to "what it's all about". I enjoyed the way the images came up from nowhere to my canvas as I painted. I started with only a ruff draft in pen and ink. Drawings are the origin for most of my "good art" work that I have done. This one is no different, it's a matter of some planning and the letting the rest come from the creative act of the actual painting. Seeing what may work from what needs to be changed is all part of the creative work that goes on inside the artist while painting. I'm sure most artist are of this way in their act of creation. Afterall who limits themselves anymore, if the idea strikes oneself, think about it,…

Poe's Lighted Scene

Here under the mighty limbs of the tree that watches the moon all night I pass by noticing the brightness of the light it shows us so I snapped this photo. Kind of a poetic photo depicting nothing but saying a lot more than words can convey. Enjoy the day, it's where we all live afterall.

Joanie's House

This was a work done last week the day after it snowed. The sun had come out and it's warmth shown on me as I painted until sunset. I did as much as possible during that time before the chill of night arrived. My feet were wet and my warm car beckoned me towards coming inside of it's warmth but it took some time before I could pull myself away from working on this one.
It was done by request from a friend from town who was interested in seeing me paint one of her house, so I had a go of it. I think it went better out on location than my touching it up from a photo projected on my HDTV screen here at home. Ain't it usually the case of real life beating out our own contrived "reality via TV" sort of situation. I think I'll keep heading out into that wilderness called out little town section of "Belmont".

Drawings Take On Form

Daylight begins with a phone call notifying me of the canceled school day for me. I quickly bounce back into bed. Awaking later in the day, it's time to make time for my meditation and then hit the drawing board for an unexpected chance to explore inner self. I take out my pens, paper and balsa board for my set up. Then unfold the paper pad, choose a pen, and I'm off. I begin with but a line, then another to see where I can take it and what images may entertain my thinking. Robert Motherwell and the other pioneers of Modern Abstract Expressionism called this delving into one's automatic consciousness drawing process. It's enjoyable. It's not scary, rather it's enlightening and worthwhile for one's inner soul, spirit or whatever term one may use for one's inner self.
Doing such a thing is not nearly as impossible as it is if one says at the onset, "I can draw" can only say that if one never attempt to do so. Art is of the s…

The Brave and Not Forgotten

The night is cold, as many are aware of it's power to end life. The people remain in tonight. It puts me in the mood to reflect upon a bike rider I saw today. She was battling up a hill full steam and I know it was hard for her because I've ridden up that same hill years ago in the cold cold daylight with little to keep me company but my own thoughts and the chill of the air upon my exposed cheeks. I felt good for her, because I knew she was feeling very free and good bringing herself up that hill however slowly she was smiling because of her efforts of the climb.
I know we need to improve our cities for such people who no matter what the conditions will brave the streets to ride instead of sit passively behind the wheel as I was this morning while watching her in my car.
Here's to Her...may more join her, maybe me someday.
It was with great joy that I spent my Thanksgiving with an old college friend and his now wife, and children by marriage...what a joy it was to be with them all. We ate well which goes without saying, but we also enjoyed some conversation that enlivened my memories of my past living in Philadelphia with him and others. We rehashed old times and it was fun. The two of us were able to bring up people and places which otherwise had escaped my memory when alone. The stay up in the West Va. mountains was especially good since they often recieve the weather we get a week or so later. Temperture wise, we are right in synic this way even today. But these folks pictured here are truly champions in my life and it was an honor to spend this Holiday with them all. The new bread actually put me to shame on the ping-pong table so there is room for more to come at another time.