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777: I Thought It Was A Plain Until Today

What are they thinking, those Republicans are doing us more harm than good in a very selfish way.
I cann't believe the way a vote on our future financial well being was simply dismissed by a group because it might harm their reelection chances, and if they are just mouthing the voice of their voters then they need to get a grip and lead those voters to do the right thing instead of simply ignoring the needs of the country right now. Its a selfish thing to ignore your neighbors plight simply because it isn't your own.
And as far as having government leading our country's banking regulations well if they didn't we'd be in a pickle. Our government is an organization that is in office because it is to look out for our common good and well being. This means to keep us from hurting ourselves as we tend to do if we just run wild. We've let down our guard by letting down our controls over our monetary practices and now we see the results of what happens w…

A Good Question Can Be Rewarding

Friday evening, in days past it was a good reason to get "blasted' or better yet "wasted" in all things done by my friends that one took the priority over everything else. It was all about who had "it", how much was "it" and where is he now? I don't miss the never ending chase after "it" and losing so much money getting "it". I play it out today and it spells out that I no longer am an escape artist about my life. I'm ok being a little sore and a little tired. I don't need anything "for it".
Tomorrow I will be in a better space to enjoy my weekend, alert, awake and ready to go by the morning. I will no doubt have a very full day tomorrow and I will remember what I did and how I felt during that day and the day before (today).
I'm glad to be ok with that, and I make a daily choice to continue with my quest of learning what I can from whom I choose to ask, "How do you do this?"…

Voting Early

I'm getting more calls dealing with my vote as I'm sure most Americans are at this time in the political calendar. I'm hoping to vote early. I work at the polls so I am able to do so. Lucky me! As it has been said on NPR voting early in other states is now an option for many and this takes the load off the poll workers ( of which I am one as I said) and so without large numbers rushing in to vote we don't have to work really hard for long periods of time at the polls clearing them so they (the general public who are registered voters) can vote. There are many plus sides to this manner of casting a vote including the fact that the registrar herself has more time to be sure that the person is an eligible voter in any number of ways.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing this election come to the voters as also I am looking forward to the vote on our helping our financial situation get back on it's feet and headed in a good direction with oversight of…

Today and Tomorrow

It's always a good feeling to live in a state that gets the nicest of fall days even before the season actually begins. Today is one of those days, the air is crisp and the sky is a rich blue with whispy clouds streaming by during the day. Now it's drawing towards a close but it's yet got more coming with a wonderful sunset in progress as I write at my window.
I am thankful for all I have seen and heard this weekend, it encourages me to continue on the course I am on, to stay clean and work on art. That is my job and joy. I can also say that it is meaningful to work with those who don't have all the gifts I've had over the past few years, and those who are handicapped both in body, mind and spirit. It's been a real joy to work with them and to share my life with them both at work and leisure. Both are important to a fulfilling life, and I consider them equal in needs by everyone no matter how well off one is or how disabled one is both are needed i…

A Rant About Age

I might be an old guy but I still don't like being laughed at for being it. It's like people just don't get it, just because I'm old doesn't mean it should count me out for understanding what's up or having heart, or even understanding new technology and even using it. These new folks are so anti-anyone over forty that it boggles my mind as to how much prejudice still rears it's ugly head through the young now. I've got to laugh at how predictable this new shunting out the old is when you compair it to how people use to shunt out the black or the long hairs or whatever outside look someone else has in part because it might cause someone to see something good in someone who doesn't look so good. Isn't that why they put so many behind bars in mental asylums years ago, because they bothered people, they didn't look so good in society, they aren't "cool like us" attitude.
Here's where the new boss is just like the old …

The Transit to Work Today

Riding the Local Transit with my bike, it was the very best of rides being that it was on time and fast. The only problem was that it did go in a round-about-way of getting from my place to the street my job is on but it was manageable for me and I plan to do my transit this way more often in the future. Granted I have to awaken a half an hour earlier and I need to put aside time to prepare to ride my bike which means gathering my gear putting my bikebag together with lunch, lock and chain, wallet and glasses for reading with my notebook for taking track of who belongs where at work then I have to dress for the weather if I'm going to ride home. But let me tell you it's all worth it when you zip by traffic at a standstill downtown while they are waiting for a light to change. I usually only go to the head of the line and wait unlike many bike riders who tend not to obey the laws of driving a vehicle and they cross no matter what color the traffic light is and sometime…

Transit AM

I've been wanting to go bikingbut other things seem to get in the way, either I need to carry things too big to carry along on my bike or just needing to get some rest from activity for the moment. Biking is a great way to get around and I plan to ride to work in the morning since the weather is cooperating lately but sometimes a person can just be too too worn out to make it onto the saddle.
Thankfully, I can choose to ride my local transit system to work with only one transfer in getting their, I can always choose to do that if I don't feel like riding as long as I am awake early enough. The city bus system takes a good deal of time to use in order to go just a few miles, but it is a money saving method of travel here as long as your not in a hurry. These buses tend to loop around to places where not many travel but a few do, they just don't go one way down a street here, they take a lot of side trips to get from place to place. It's Charlottesville afteral…